About Me

As a busy mom of four, the struggle to balance family responsibilities with the heart's desire to create and participate in a creative community is one I feel every day. But writing stories makes my soul happy, so I do it as often as I can. I'm an active member of The Women's Fiction Writers Association as well as a local writer's community, and I serve as copy editor for WriteOn!, the WFWA ezine. Some facts about me: I believe there's a Parks and Rec quote appropriate for every situation, finding a good reading tree is the perfect vacation, and a lot of problems can be solved with the right kind of chocolate. 


My Work

Books have been my constant companions since my hands were big enough to latch onto them. Throughout every experience, stories have been there to guide me. Becoming a storyteller seemed to be the loftiest goal, and as I've pursued it, I've learned the value of, and need for, creative outlets. It is my hope be there for others through my stories and to inspire creative pursuits of all kinds.

My Community

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Join My Journey

I want to hear about your creative pursuits. Please share with me how you exercise your inner creator. I'm always looking for new ways to experience creativity and inspire others to do the same, so share your ideas and you may just see them appear in my newsletter.