Her Favorite Color


Emmaline Kleptky’s single-minded pursuit of her artistic career went sideways years ago when she fell in love with an ambitious attorney who dreamed of white picket fences and a house full of happy children. Now in their mid-thirties living in Midwest suburbia with a mortgage and three kids, their connection is waning, and the careers they have aren’t the ones they hoped for. 

When Emmaline learns her estranged father is dying, she attempts to accelerate her painting career, bent on proving she’s capable of supporting herself with her art—something he claimed was impossible. Making space in her life for creative work inspires an uproar from her husband who wants everything to stay the same. As they wrestle for control over the future of their family, secrets they’ve kept seep to the surface and moral limits blur. 

With her relationships ripping apart and her father fading, Emmaline must learn to trust herself enough to be her own person. She must choose whether doing what she loves and striving for her dad’s approval is worth tearing apart the life she’s built and the identity she’s been given.